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PVP: 3.00€

Loaf bread, avocado, tomato, egg, poppy seeds

Avocado and tuna

PVP: 3.00€

Loaf bread, avocado, tuna, egg poché, poppy seeds

Beef jerky and goat cheese

PVP: 3.00 €

Loaf bread, Cecina (Beef jerky), goat cheese, Caramelized pepper and EVOO

Iberic ham and tomato

PVP: 4.00 €

Loaf bread, tomato, iberic ham and EVOO

Serrano ham and tomato

PVP: 2.50 €

Loaf bread, tomato, Serrano ham and EVOO

Butter and jam

PVP: 2.10

Village Bread, Butter and jam


PVP: 2.50 €

Loaf bread, Nutella, strawberries and banana

Queso de cabra

PVP: 2.80 €

Loaf bread, goat cheese, crunchy onion and honey

Tomato and olive oil (EVOO)

PVP: 2.10 €

Loaf bread, tomato and EVOO

Omelette with tuna snack

PVP: 1.70 €

Omelette and tuna

Iberic ham and olive oil

PVP: 1.70 €

Iberic ham and EVOO

Iberic ham and tomato

PVP: 3.00 €

Iberic ham, tomato and EVOO

Serrano ham and tomato snack

PVP: 1.70 €

Serrano ham, tomato ando EVOO

Tortilla stick

PVP: 2€

Vegetal snack

PVP: 1.70 €

York ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, tuna and asparagus

Vegetal and loin snack

PVP: 1.70 €

Loin, lettuce, cheese, tomato, mayonnaise

Vegetal and chicken snack

PVP: 1.70 €

Chicken, lettuce, cheese, tomato, mayonnaise



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